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photo cityscape urban cityphoto cityscape urban cityphoto cityscape urban city




I am a DSLR photography teacher and I organize field trips to practice the theory. I can organize them for you, private lessons or in a group.











The Course

6 lessons of 1,5 hour. You will learn the basics of DSLR Photography: how to handle your camera, exposure, composition, black and white photography and digital editing. We also focus a bit more on landscape, portrait and close-up photography. After each lesson exercises will give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned. The results will be discussed during the next lesson.

The price is 120 euro for the whole course.






photo cityscape urban cityphoto cityscape urban cityphoto cityscape urban city


Field trips

The field trips are meant for everyone who wants to shoot on location, beginners and more advanced photographers. It includes an introduction to the theme, tips & tricks and critique afterwards of your pictures. Price: 18 euro per field trip.

Each trip has a specific theme:

          - landscape photography

          - night photography

          - street photography

          - portrait photography with natural light

          - architecture photography

          - Christmas market



If you are interested in a course or field trip, please contact me. We can discuss how to organize it. Online courses are also possible!



´Mariette's course gives a comprehensive introduction into DSLR photography, and if followed by the field trips, you will be able to effectively put theory into practice. Mariette is knowledgeable, patient and has a great eye for detail. I especially appreciated her comments to the field trip pictures, which were always spot on. I highly recommend her course and field trips to anyone who wants to start developing or further develop their digital photography skills.´



´I took the beginner’s DSLR course and the street photography field trip with Mariette.  They were both wonderful ways to enjoy the city and to improve my photography skills while traveling.  The beginner’s class was well-structured and was very useful even beyond the beginner stage.  I find myself referring to the notes frequently with every shot that I now take.  The assignments helped tie the concepts to the practice and you immediately noticed the difference in your photos.  The street photography assignments were a refreshing way to look at everyday life from a different perspective and were challenging, but Mariette was there every step of the way to assist you and critique your photos without being intrusive.  Overall, it was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to try Mariette’s other field trips as well.´



´I did the beginners DSLR course with Mariette and I enjoyed it a lot. The classes were well organized and very informative. The assignments were challenging and fun, and stimulated my creativity and imagination. Mariette´s critiques were positive, professional and helpful. Thank you!´



´I took this course as a first introduction to DSLR photography and I enjoyed it a lot. Mariette is a professional photographer and a good teacher. Her course is well structured around different topics and gives a good overall understanding on how to use your camera and how to achieve great pictures. I particularly enjoyed the practical focus of the course: the weekly assignments really motivated me to go out there and put into practice the different aspects learned during each lesson. The feedback afterwards on each others assignments was constructive and helpful. The different field trips took this practical aspect even further as it allowed to get tips & tricks on the spot in a very specific situation. I definitely learned a lot from this course and these trips and it stimulated me to learn more and make better and better pictures!´



´Mariette is a professional entrepreneur who gave me inside into the wonderful world of photography. The course is nicely built up in different topics, always accompanied with home work to put into practice what has been taught. Positive feedback is assured, and the challenges are never beyond reach. Looking for an opportunity to make an astonishing picture, Mariette will help you to achieve this.´



´I really loved the way I learned photography with Mariette. It was technical, but still accessible. The training support was very inspiring with simple and straightforward pictures and a concise summary of the course. The fieldtrip helped me a lot to put in practice what I learned during the course. Mariette is very helpful & available and gave very concrete tips & constructive feedback on my pictures.´



´The 6-lesson-DSLR course last spring was absolutely great! It was my first digital camera course, so I didn't quite know what to expect. During that time I learnt a lot and all those small important things that I had been struggling with became clear now. 
The course was well organised. Mariette was patient and helpful. The size of the group was ideal, not too big not too small, and we all had the same aim - to learn how to take good pictures with our cameras. The length of the lessons was also perfect. A longer lesson wouldn't have been as efficient  and it might have been already tiring. There's just a certain quantity of information -at least for me - that can be digested easily. For me the location was a bit far, but I could make and I'm happy for that!´



´Mariette is a good photographer, I learned from her a few basic techniques of photography. She is professional and explained the technique clearly and in a calm way. Also during the different fieldtrips, where we practiced what we had learned. Very pleasant and practical!´


´If you want to get more out of your pictures than the usual holiday shots I really can recommend following the training of Mariette. You will learn all the basics to improve your skills and, as it happened to me, become an enthusiastic photographer. Thanks Mariette´



´I can really enjoy good pictures, but didn´t think of myself as a good photographer. I finally wanted to belong to the group of people who could make good pictures.  A while ago I had the photography lessons with Mariette. I started at level 0, but quickly learned more. Mariette especially taught me to observe and to take the pictures from another perspective. So no more dull, classic pictures, but pictures which were a bit more special. The assignments we got from her were a real challenge and I learned much from the discussions afterwards. So someone who likes to take pictures and still wants to learn more, absolutely has to go to Mariette´s classes.´



Thank you so much for the wonderful course. It was a pleasure to be a student at this course and to have such a kind teacher. I really appreciate all those. I hope I would have a chance to see a photography exhibition of you one day.



´Thanks to this course I have learned the basics of good photography! Thank you, Mariette´



Thank you, Mariette, for the wonderful course.  I learned so much!  It was so nice getting to meet everyone in this great group.